Evidence Publisher is a secure crowd-sourced database for documenting and reporting suspicious activity on a large-scale. Every bit of data entered can potentially connect a bad actor to the scene of the crime and leave real breadcrumbs for investigators that would otherwise be lost forever.

Why should I use Evidence Publisher? In the U.S., up to 67% of crime and/or suspicious activity goes completely undocumented and unreported, according to the U.S. DOJ Bureau of Justice.

Unreported or documented incidents potentially results in the loss of vital leads and valuable information forever.

Evidence Publisher changes everything! 

Now everyone can document and report suspicious activity anytime and anywhere. Upload videos, photos, and detailed descriptions before that valuable information is lost. 

The information you submit, anonymously or as an identified user, may turn out to be pertinent to a current, pending or future investigation. So, once you submit the activity you found to be suspicious, we keep if safe in the event the data is ever needed for any purposes!

“Saying something” makes a difference and benefits the community. Now, Evidence Publisher makes it easier to do every time you “See something!”