Law Enforcement

Evidence Publisher provides local, state, and federal law enforcement organizations (LEO) with a new investigative tool, separate from the limitations of systems currently in use. Evidence Publisher revolutionizes how suspicious activity information is obtained, stored, and utilized inter-agency.

Today, organizations share access to the U.S. National Criminal Information Center (NCIC) database used for tracking crime-related information. The NCIC database is strictly limited to include fourteen personal files, such as criminal arrest history, missing persons, fugitive status, immigration violations, protective orders, wanted persons, gang files, and seven property files, such as gun records, license place information, and vehicle and boat information.

All NCIC information is highly regulated and limited in scope by right-to-know need-to-know laws, rules of probable cause, geographic location, administrative bureaucracy, and organizational policy.

Local LEOs also have access to their local state and internal organizational database with similarly stored information. Local organizations generally store and maintain vasts quantities of valuable investigative information internally, when it does not meet the strict threshold and legal requirements for adding information to NCIC or CJIS.

This all really means that important investigative leads that may help solve an open investigation, obtain evidence, identify or locate witnesses or suspects, may never reach an outside investigative agency or investigator. Instead, any vital information is kept within the agency and remains unshared.

The current shared centralized system used by LEOs mostly holds “after incident” information from arrest warrants, arrests, arrest records, and eighteen other data categories.

What they don’t do is provide valuable hot leads for past, present, and ongoing criminal investigations.

Now, LEOs have a new investigative solution designed specifically to eliminate the red tape, bureaucracy, and legal limitations of inter-agency criminal information sharing.

Our proprietary service makes it easier for all LEOs and investigators to discover new leads, witnesses, suspects, and evidence, and solve past, present and ongoing crimes.

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