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“If you see something, say something!”

Law enforcement reminds the public of this saying because it works. When the public is reminded to stay alert and report suspicious activity, the individuals responsible for committing crime is more likely to be apprehended and held accountable by the legal system.

Despite these sayings, a large majority of suspicious activity occurring every day goes unreported. According to the U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Justice, unreported crime may be as high as 67% (2006-2010).

Why do so many crimes go unreported?

There are many reasons people choose not to report suspicious activity. One reason is that until Evidence Publisher there wasn’t a quick and easy way to document suspicious activity with photos, videos, audio, and descriptions.

Another reason is that people often doubt themselves and what they witnessed or are too busy to take the time to go report suspicious activity by traditional means.

Others may just not want to get involved, fear retaliation, prefer to remain anonymous and don’t trust law enforcement, or they’re unsure where or how best to report suspicious activity that doesn’t require calling 9-1-1 or filling out a lengthy or detailed police report without detailed personal information.

Whatever the reason, almost 70% of people decide not to “say something” and skip reporting suspicious activity to the police when they do “see something.” The major issue with suspicious or criminal activity going unreported is that valuable information may potentially be lost forever.

Once that valuable information is lost, the odds of the police solving the crime and apprehending the right suspects is lowered exponentially.

That’s exactly why we started Evidence Publisher , a crowdsourced solution for documenting suspicious activity.

Now, everyone has a safe, secure, and effective solution to document, log, report, or use whatever term you prefer, to submit any suspicious activity incident anonymously or with contact information for potential use by law enforcement.

Evidence Publisher is free so what are you waiting for? Now you can document suspicious activity every time you “See something!”

Here is how to get started, but first, always remember to call 9-1-1 if emergency assistance is needed right away.

Call 9-1-1 if emergency assistance is needed.

How Evidence Publisher Works

Describe your observations

Tell your story and describe what happened.

Add pictures, videos, audio or documents.

Include descriptions of person(s), vehicles, and witnesses.

Choose level of privacy

Share information anonymously.

Choose to provide limited contact information.

Choose to receive copy of suspicious activity report via email.

Manage submission

“Saying something” helps yourself and helps the community.

Anonymous users should print/save their submission for future reference.

User accounts display information that was submitted.

Evidence Publisher is fast, free, and safe.

Your community thanks you : )